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Projectors, which are optical lighting tools used to illuminate distant objects, continue to offer special solutions for lighting needs. Projectors, which appear in many points of our lives as a field of use, appear in many areas from lighting the entrances of the apartments to the lighting of the tunnels and viaducts we enter while driving. Projector products, which are heavily preferred in environments such as stadiums and concert venues, continue to be preferred due to their longevity and low cost. We can say that the most preferred products in this field are LED projectors. You can find sensor led projector models that you can meet all your needs in the field of outdoor lighting on our page. You can browse projector models in many ranges up to 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 and 450 Watts, which are compatible with all outdoor areas, including port and industrial areas.

The Most Preferred Led Projector Products in the Industrial Field

The importance of projector products, which is one of the most preferred lighting products in industrial areas, continues to increase day by day. As EAE Lighting, we continue to produce functional and energy efficient models that are fully compatible with industrial areas in the field of led projector products. We have been bringing you environmentally friendly projector products in the light of the trust we have received from you for many years.

The Most Suitable Led Projector Models for Industrial Areas

We bring you the products that have been used safely in many areas such as ports and industrial areas for LED projectors for years. You can take a look at our many innovative projector models such as GPRONA, SPRONA, MEGALIT II, ​​PROLIT V.2, PROLIT KOMPAKT V.2, PROLIT-M PR, PROLIT-M PR V.2 below.

What are the Advantages and Differences of Led Projectors?

LED projector products, which are frequently mentioned today, are products used in the field of outdoor lighting and are highly resistant to environmental factors. It is used in many areas such as carpet pitches, gardens, wedding and organization areas. The biggest factor in the recent preference of LED projector products is that they make a difference with their efficiency and longevity. While conventional projectors have a lifespan of 3 thousand to 6 thousand hours, it is shown that this period has increased to around 50 thousand hours in LED projector products. At the same time, products defined as halogen projectors have energy consumption in the range of 300 - 1500 watts, while LED projectors have energy consumption of 10 to 350 watts.

What Should You Know Before Buying an LED Projector?

As we mentioned in the previous section, LED projector products are highly efficient lighting products with a lifetime of 50 thousand hours. At this point, the first thing to consider when choosing or purchasing a projector model is whether the projector will be used indoors or outdoors. At this point, using a projector product recommended for indoor environments will not provide a successful lighting environment. In this context, factors such as luminous flux, lens and lenses, which are one of the other factors you should pay attention to before purchasing a projector, should be determined according to the area where the led lighting product will be used. At this point, one of the first issues to be considered in product selection should be the correct selection of a projector model that is fully compatible with the space. Another important issue to consider when choosing an LED projector product is heat factors. Since heat is a factor that directly affects the life of the projector, they must have case structures that are produced from LEDs with high thermal resistance and can successfully cool with the correct pin structures. Since this situation in LED projector products also affects the light efficiency, it is a very important issue.