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Surface / Pendant Mounted

Surface Mounted LED Luminaire Products

Surface-mounted lighting is one of the most preferred lighting products in homes, offices and many interior lighting environments today. In addition to the decorative image it gives to indoor environments; continues to be the reason for preference with the high efficiency and energy saving it offers.

The Most Preferred Surface Mounted Lighting Fixture Products in Indoor Lighting

As EAE Lighting, we have been producing the most suitable surface mounted lighting fixtures for many lighting environments such as your offices and homes for more than 35 years.

Surface Mounted Led Lighting Fixtures for Indoor Lighting

Surface mounted LED lighting fixtures it is one of the most preferred lighting products today. In this context, by taking a look at our many products such as STL DOMINO, STL Pendant Lamp, STL Direct Indirect, BLOOM-S Surface Mounted, the most suitable pendant led luminaire you can have an idea about the model.

Why Choosing the Surface Mounted Luminaire Is Important!

Luminaire products come to the fore as products that visually enrich, in addition to illuminating the areas where they are located. At this point, in addition to lighting; It is extremely important to choose the right product in terms of design in the selection of lighting fixtures. Today, the selection of luminaires used in lighting is shaped according to the design of the area where the lighting will be applied, and in this context, a more efficient lighting environment is provided by selecting the appropriate luminaire for the appropriate area.