WATCH NOW UV DISINFECTION With ultraviolet light , of which effectiveness has been proven by scientific research and studies,
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SOLUTIONS disinfection processes can be performed quickly, effortlessly and continuously, without the need for harmful chemicals.
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WATCH NOW PHOTOBIOLOGICAL SAFETY standard in our DEKRA certified lighting laboratory. On behalf of EAE Lighting, LED luminaires that we produced are tested in accordance with EN 62471 - Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems More Information E2E MAKING LIFE SUSTAINABLE ENERGY TO EMISSION LED LIGHTING SOLUTIONS More Information EAE LIGHTING #challengewithlight Brand movie is online! WATCH NOW INFINOO #infinoo Product movie is online! WATCH NOW

37 years, spent in the exciting environment of light and light engineering…  

Our innovative lighting solutions, which are integrated with smart control systems developed and introduced to the sector by us, contributed to the creation of efficient, safe and environment-friendly spaces in thousands of projects accomplished until today. In a period characterized by the rapid developments in light and light based technologies, we are in awareness of the important role that lighting plays in all the areas related with people and environment.
We will continue to be a part of an efficient, safe ,sustainable and human-centric environment.

Whatever your challenge is ! 

We have a solution.

You are confident in every conditions under our light.

Because We Are engineering the light

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