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Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting Products

Emergency lighting products are among the lighting products used in almost all buildings today. In this context, we continue to bring you our products, which we have produced with 35 years of experience and expertise in emergency lighting solutions. The main task of emergency lighting products is to provide adequate lighting for the specified period by activating when normal lighting is interrupted for any reason in buildings. These interruptions in the lighting systems in buildings can generally be caused by reasons such as fire, earthquake, indoor installation malfunctions. In this context, emergency interior lighting products are absolutely needed in order to provide rapid evacuation in buildings, especially in such situations that will endanger the life safety of people. Today, emergency LED lighting systems are used in many buildings.

Buildings where Emergency Luminaires can be used

Today, emergency lighting fixtures are used in almost every new building. In this context, it has become a necessity to use emergency fixtures in hospitals, retirement homes, education buildings, all buildings with a user load of more than 200, buildings without windows, hotels, places with high danger and high buildings. At the same time, only the installation of emergency lighting systems is not sufficient, there are also tests that must be applied on a daily, monthly and annual basis.

Emergency Lighting Models

With more than 35 years of experience in emergency led lighting products, we continue our activities as a manufacturer in this field. You can review the features of all our emergency lighting products, including ONTEC-R, ONTEC-D, ONTEC-C, ONTEC-S, ONTEC-G, on our website.