In a peaceful manner with the environment, only way to ensure customer satisfaction under tough global competition conditions is to allocate resources on R&D and adopt a business model based on this basis.

EAE Lighting has aimed to developed in this direction for many years.

At today's current situation, we are tackling for the leader and pioneer role we play in the domestic market with unique design armatures ensuring energy savings due to extensive experience and abilities our Product Development and Design (PDD) department which developed due to R&D works, in mechanical-ergonomic design with optical design and heat management being priority in the European market as well.

Due to this pioneer indetity of ours, EAE began to invest directly in LED Lighting production which is seen as indispensable solution of the near future in energy savings in 2008. In addition to our existing infrastructure at that date, by also establishing electronic equipment software R&D /PDD and production infrastructures in a short time, today we offer unique design product range in types and varieties that can illuminate all internal and external areas of any professional facility with LED and that can be with light control when necessary and we completed European quality certifications of all the LED products within the first half of 2014.

Our significant difference created by the advantage of having R&D and PPD infrastructure and most importantly experienced human resources is the point we reached at special design and production focused on professional lighting needs of our customers. We are able to meet these needs in utmost reasonable time periods and most importantly together with the quality documents mass production products carry.

Second branch of our R&D activity is oriented to goal of creating technologies of the future, LED/OLED focused projects carried on within the frame of University-Industry cooperation. We pursue this activity of ours, in line with the general approach of the EAE Group, with the excitement the goal of creating added value on behalf of our country gives us.