Advances in lighting technology shows that the light cannot be explained by numbers, but also perception should be created. The fourth dimension in architecture make essential to work with right lighting luminaries for experts. EAE Lighting Laboratories are equipped to clear the way for designing of high quality lighting devices as well as the use of product safety characteristics.

 EAE lighting leans working about "Light Engineering" on measurements and evaluation in its laboratories.Goniophotometric measurements, spatial distribution of light intensity are being made by the company in 2011. Goniophotometry device generates light distribution curves in the phase of designing lighting luminaries and measures glare values and also generates ISOLUX-ISOCANDELA diagrams. These tests are maintained according to EN (CIE) and IESNA standards.

 Ulbricht Sphere, in diameter of 2 meters, gives the opportunity to measure spectral measurements, CCT (Correlated color temperature), CRI (color rendering index), wavelength, color ratios and lumen value measurements of light sources.

 Administrative buildings, living places, shopping centers or factories, each of which converts electrical energy to light systems, lightened and it brings with it a variety of security criteria. EAE lighting realizes safety tests in EAE Lighting Laboratory which is founded in 2007 for obtaining higher level of customer satisfaction and successful product. Primary goals are to increase product quality and satisfy product requirements, for these reasons, safety tests are performed according to EN 60598-1 safety standard.

 EAE Lighting Laboratory are officially recognized and accredited for EN 60598 Safety Standard about lighting luminaries, the laboratory is KEMA (purchased from DEKRA in 2007) Holland. Today, all tests, including producer test, are performed in EAE Laboratories and documented by DEKRA. Also, the laboratory team members are certificated by KEMA (DEKRA).

 To achieve more secure lighting solutions, luminaries should be tested in various subjects. Under Eupoean Standards EN 60598-1, EN 60598-2 tests, EAE luminaries are tested about increasing in temperature, humid environment, earth continuity, leakage current, torque, suspension kits safety, physical impact, electrical shock resistance, insulation and corrosion testing ranges and more than 20 different test subjects.

 Safety test of electronic drivers are performed in EAE Lighting Laboratory in the custody of DEKRA under the condition of EN 61347-2-13. All tests under CE-LVD Low Voltage Directives, creates substructures for European Certification.