Slide SROUND will endure to the maximum for the compelling circumstances of the
industry with its aluminium injection housing. It fulfills all lighting requirements of
industrial plants with different heights thanks to its wide range of lumen packages,
optic choices. High efficacy value and unique optic design make it ideal solution for
maximum performance and perfect lighting quality. One point suspension provides
ease of installation. DALI and RF wireless system are available.
Mini V.2

Maximum performance in harsh conditions of industry

Sround has been designed for maximum performance even in harsh conditions of industry thanks to its high efficacy value –up to 177 lm/W- compact housing with one point suspension capability and high ambient operating temperature – up to +70ºC –
Sround is ideal solution for both refurbishment projects and new installations by providing 80% energy saving – in comparison with equivalent metal halide products- and %67 energy saving – in comparison with equivalent flourescent products-

• Iron-steel & heavy industry
• Aviation
• Automotive & auto-supply industry
• Seaports-undercrane lighting
• Warehouse & logistic
• Glass & ceramic industry
• Machine & electronic industry
• Chemical & plastic industry
• Wood & paper industry
• Sport facilities

Excellent thermal performance

Sround runs  properly at  low -high ambient operating temperatures thanks to its compact housing design and reliable thermal management . It shows excellent performance with long service life and maintenance- free LED and electronic design.

  • High thermal management capacity
  • -35ºC – +70ºC ambient operating temperature
  • L70 lifetime >72.000 h @ Ta +70ºC

Unique optic design

SRound , has special optic design with four different beam angles which combine efficient LED technology and perfect lighting quality. It ensures excellent light distribution  without any loss thanks to its high reflectance featured reflector design which directs light preferred direction.

  • Up to 177 lm/W efficacy
  • Choice of 4 different beam angles
    Arena / Lowbay / Lowlowbay / Asimetrik
  • Low glare degree UGR <22

Functional mechanical design

Sround performs maximum durability with its high IP protected and high impact-resistant housing. Functional suspension kit options offer optimum solution for flexible mounting in every application.

  • IK09 impact resistant / IP65-IP66 housing options
  • One point / Cabletray / Busbar / Double-hanger / Anti-twist suspension kit options

  • Ultra-high performance LED high-bay luminaire
    Up to 177 lm/W efficacy
  • Up to +70°C ambient operating temperature
  • 5klm – 26klm output range / 32W-163W power consumption range
  • Arena / Lowbay / Lowlowbay / Asymmetric
    Choice of 4 different beam angles
  • One point / Anti-twist / Busbar / Cabletray / Double hanger suspension kit options
  • 1h / 3h EMK models –DALI wired / RF wireless control options