Slide Revoled-X is a professional lighting solution which comes together EAE’s industrial
lighting experience with future technologies in an iconic and minimal housing. Revoled-X
ensures optimum lighting in all industrial plants thanks to its wide range of lumen packages,
application-oriented optic design and housing with high mechanical resistance. As a result of an
optimized system solution on the cutting edge technology, high lumen output ,high efficacy value
and maximum durability in this slim housing makes Revoled-X incomparable.DALI or RF wireless
control options are available.

Perfect harmony of design, performance and durability

Revoled-X perfectly meets all lighting requirements of industrial plants with wide range of lumen package – optic choices and application oriented key benefits.

Revoled-X is ideal solution for both refurbishment projects and new installations by providing 75% energy saving  (in comparison with equivalent metal halide products) and %65 energy saving (in comparison with equivalent flourescent products)

• Iron-steel & heavy industry
• Automotive & auto-supply industry
• Glass & ceramic industry
• Machine & electronic industry
• Chemical & plastic industry
• Food & beverage industry
• Wood & paper industry
• Textile industry

• Cleanroom & pharmaceutical industry
• Warehouse & logistic
• Sport facilities
• Multi-purpose high-bay halls
• Airdocks
• Shipyard pools
• Tunnels

Functional mechanical design for hard industrial environments

Revoled-X shows maximum performance under hard conditions of industrial environments thanks to its high IP protected housing and patented design without fins on back side.

  • IP66 slim housing with sealing gaskets
  • Functional design which prevents accumulations
  • Tempered glass with security film
  • Optional external EMK box
  • Cable tray / Busbar / Wall angled / Seismic suspension kit options

Excellent thermal performance

Revoled-X operates problem-free in high and low temperatures with its long service life and maintenance-free LED and electronic design.

  • High thermal capacity
  • Up to – 40ºC ambient operating temperature
    ( Cold models )
    Up to+45ºC ambient operating temperature
    ( Standart models )
    Up to+60ºC ambient operating temperature
    ( Hot models)
    Up to +70ºC ambient operating temperature
    ( Hot plus models)

Unique optic design

Revoled-X has special optic design with five different beam angles which combine efficient LED technology and perfect lighting quality. Each LED has an individual lens arrangement ensuring the most efficient extraction and distribution of light.

  • Up to 170 lm/W efficacy
  • 5 different beam angle options
    30° / 60º / 90º / 30°x 90º / 25º x105º

Fast commissioning & easy intervention

Revoled-X offers easy and fast commissioning possibility without intervention to the front glass surface. Energy, automation and emergency case conductive inputs can separately be made.

In case of any failure,  components can be easily exchange via special mounting tool any need of labour for screws.

  • Ultra-high performance high-bay LED lighting luminaire
    Up to 170 lm/W efficacy
  • Up to +70°C ambient operating temperature
  • 5klm – 45klm output range
  • 30° / 30°x90° / 60° / 90° / 25°x105°
    5 different beam angle options
  • Busbar / Cable tray / Wall angled / Seismic suspension kit options
  • 1H / 3H EMK models – DALI wired / RF wireless control options